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Fréa - Mother and Baby Homes

Did you or someone you know live in a Mother and Baby or County Home in Ireland between 1922 & 1998?

The Irish Government will open a Redress (Payment) Scheme later in 2022 for Mothers and Children who have lived in specific institutions.

The Scheme provides a general payment, which increases with the length of stay at the institution. There is also a provision for counselling for those living in England paid for by the Scheme.

Fréa, a partnership between Irish Community Care based in Liverpool, Irish Community Care Manchester and Leeds Irish Health and Homes, is offering support to Irish people living in the North of England to submit their application to the Redress Scheme.

They can also offer guidance in accessing your records and provide a range of other support.

If you have lived in an institution not covered by the Redress Scheme, they may still be able to support you with any queries you have; you can find out more about them and this initiative on their website: Mother and Baby Homes | FRÉA (


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