We provide a wide range of services to help people live as independent a life as possible, enabling them to make more positive lifestyle choices and meet their own personal aspirations.


Whatever you feel you can give to support our work please know that it will be changing a life and possibly saving it.


Any Amount

We welcome all contributions, no matter how 
small or large!



This will pay for 2 people to attend one of our Afternoon Tea Dances and enjoy live Irish music, a full afternoon tea, raffles, dancing & craic! 

Image by Clem Onojeghuo


This will pay for 10 people to enjoy a hot and home-cooked 2 course dinner at our Friday or Monday lunch group and sit and chat with friends in a relaxed and social environment.



This will pay for the hire of a hall/venue for a week so we can hold our weekly luncheons, gatherings, events and groups. 



This will pay for 3 older, isolated people to go on a lovely day trip to the coast and have lunch and a cup of tea!

Image by Simon Godfrey


This very generous donation will sponsor a St Patrick’s Day or Christmas lunch event including live Irish music, hall hire, decorations and raffle prizes.