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Getting some information and advice

We have found that when many members of our community need information and advice at a time of uncertainty such as bereavement, unemployment or developing physical or mental health issues for themselves or their families, they often don't know who to turn to.


We provide a friendly service that makes this an easier process for our community. We will try to make sure people get the right services and benefits to which they are entitled. We help with providing social activities, form filling, medical appointments, housing applications and accessing other services. All this with a friendly listening ear and opportunities to enjoy good company.

If you need advice about:

  • Accessing Social Activities

  • Benefits

  • Form filling

  • Housing applications

  • Medical Appointments

  • Support with Dementia

Irish Passport Applications
We act as agents for the Embassy of Ireland and can either send you a paper application or if you are renewing your passport you can complete a renewal application online. The new online system for passport renewals is available here. Call us on 0113 2625614 or email


How can I make a referral?

Leeds Irish Health and Homes provides a range of personalised Housing, Social and Community Support Services.

You can refer yourself, a friend, or a family member using one of the following:

  • You can send an email to

  • You can write to us with full details of the person you wish to refer and send to Leeds Irish Health & Homes, Rouse House, 2 Wyther Lane, Leeds, LS5 3BT.

  • You can call us on 0113 262 5614 and we’ll do the paperwork for you.

Support with memory loss and dementia


The Irish community in Britain is one of the oldest in comparison to other groups. In the last Census, in 2011, 51% of the Irish community were aged over 50 years. Although dementia is not a natural part of ageing, age is the strongest risk factor related to the development of the condition. Other factors include genetics, lifestyle choices and health conditions.


We have seen many people and their families in our community affected by dementia and we are committed to helping where we can. We work closely with the Irish in Britain and support Cuimhne (pronounced ‘queevna‘), the Irish Memory Loss Alliance. Some risk factors we cannot change, like genetics, but others we can, like lifestyle choices.

Please contact us on 01132625614 if you care for someone with dementia or you would like some support or advice.



Leeds Irish Health & Homes

Rouse House,

2 Wyther Lane,

Leeds, LS5 3BT

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)113 262 5614


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