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What culturally sensitive volunteering means for everyone involved

We're extremely lucky at LIHH to have so many good people who give freely of their time to help out in various ways to try and bring a smile to people's lips, to engage in cultural dialogue or to be a listening ear when it's needed.

People often ask us do I need to be Irish to volunteer here, which you don't at all. We offer training and ongoing support to help understand the experiences and journey of Irish people in Leeds. But there are sometimes when it hits us square on that someone can succinctly describe what cultural sensitivity really means and how it impacts everybody in the relationship.

Our stalwart volunteer Charles who has bouyed us through the pandemic with online Pilates classes, humour, music and all round wit sums it up beautifully in this short video he made for us.

We will use this in our volunteer training and whatever group you feel you belong to we're sure there are so many things in what he says which are transferrable.



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