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We need volunteers - could you help?

We're excited to announce two volunteering opportunities at Leeds Irish Health and Homes.

Cara Graveside Project

Firstly, could you help our recently-launched Cara (the Irish word for 'friend') service with their Graveside Project?

We're looking for volunteers to tidy and maintain the graves of people from our Irish community in Leeds. Sadly, due to lack of family or friends nearby, we're aware that some of our community graves have been neglected. The team will meet every two weeks, with the first session planned for the 3rd March.

We're also looking for people to nominate names of people from the Irish community whose graves might need some looking after - although we have a list to start with, we may be able to move onto others if we have enough support.

You don't need any particular experience or equipment - we'll provide some direction and everything you need. You just need to be willing and able-bodied!

If you're interested, please contact

Drivers needed!

We've also found that an increasing number of our clients are struggling to get to our regular groups and sessions. Could you volunteer as a volunteer driver and help members of our community get to our Luncheon Clubs, art and craft sessions and other activities?

For some older, more isolated members of our community, a visit to the Lunch Club or another activity is their only weekly outing. We want to make that vital social contact as easy as possible for them - and how much easier could it be than a friendly face offering a door-to-door lift?

All you need is access to a car and a valid driving licence. If needed, we can process a DBS application and reimburse mileage.

Again, if you're interested, please contact - we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for making a difference to the lives of older, isolated people in Leeds.


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