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Sketching the Road out of Lockdown-Getting our events and activities back up and running

Like so many community organisations we have had to change the way in which we've provided our services over the last 15 months. Bringing events online, visiting people on their doorstep rather than their homes and maintaining social and safe distancing throughout to name but a few.

We are however, determined to get things up and running and back to the 'new' normal as soon as possible. Karen Mallon, our Director of Operations has been working hard looking at all the guidelines to see how we can reintroduce events such as our luncheon and activity groups and our very popular tea dances into our programme.

Karen said "It's really important that we are able to get our groups and events going again. People have really missed seeing each other, being able to come together for a chat, a hot meal and the craic. It's what helps people to get out and about. Without it we have seen people become withdrawn and isolated during these long months. And that isn't a good sign. But we have to take things steady so we will be keeping the community abreast of new rules and progress'

Keep your eyes out on our website and social media outlets for further information and we hope to see y'all real soon.


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