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Could you be a social prescriber with LIHH?

Social prescribing is a term that has been around for a few years now. Essentially when people go to see their GP it may be that they don't need a medical prescription but they may have a social need such as being isolated or depression and anxiety (especially coming through the pandemic). The GP can then offer the patient the opportunity to speak with a skilled professional from a third sector service such as LIHH who can offer a range of opportunities which may help them achieve moving through their issue in a much better way than taking medication. For instance linking a young mum up with a mums and toddler's group or getting someone to take up walking regularly.

LIHH has been part of the Linking Leeds Social Prescribing Service since 2019 and have successfully supported people through many different scenarios to help them recoup their independence.

We are currently looking for someone to join our team on a 21 hours per week (3 days) basis. One of our partners, BARCA is currently advertising as well so we have combined our advert for Well-Being Co-ordinators

We offer great terms and a brilliant team experience so if you would like to find out more please respond to the advert. We look forward to welcoming you aboard team LIHH.


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