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But don’t take our word for it, read some wonderful and heartfelt feedback from the people we were proud to help.

Brenda: “meal delivery was excellent, delicious food. Made me feel much better, I have a bigger appetite, more energy and found new foods that I like.”

Christine: “makes a huge difference knowing there is a support network behind you. Fantastic club on a Friday, great people and great food it’s worth every penny and more, I would be willing to pay more for the clubs! Fab food, really delicious! Better than most cafes, just good home cooked food. Lifts were very helpful, vital to those who are frailer”.

Josie: “positively impacted my life I am getting more confident about going out and meeting new people. The transport was very important, taxis are too expensive and without the transport service I won’t be able to get to the club as frequently. I enjoy being able to meet new people and go to the club with my friends it is something good to look forward to each Friday. Enjoy the new company with great food!”

Betty: “excellent food, meals were cooked to perfection and all the meals seemed to be planned very well. Great combination of mains and deserts! Loved the Irish meal- bacon and cabbage! Something that should defiantly be continued as it was something nice to look forward to on a Monday afternoon”.

Graeme: “ the winter warmer scheme has had a huge impact on my life, it came at just the right time due to loss of my wife. Seeing Sally every week was great as it was good to build a friendship and have company each week, having someone to talk to made a huge impact on my wellbeing. Having two hot meals brought each week help with budgeting for the rest of the weekly food shopping. Change my eating habits, much healthier and feeling a lot better in myself”.

Anonymous: “the whole service provided by LIHH is an absolute god send. LIHH have helped me by providing and finding me some furniture for my home, my support worker is just wonderful. My two to three Irish meals on a Friday are really delicious”.