Volunteer of the Quarter is …Amanda!

Well done Amanda we have nothing but admiration for you. Amanda regularly visits Catherine who is a lady with very limited mobility and often takes her everywhere including swimming. Catherine used to love to go swimming before she was a wheelchair user and hasnt been able to go in years due to having nobody to help her. Amanda researched the best pool with the easiest access, the best support and the times to suit Catherine and then made it happen!

I’ve personally spoken to Amanda and was so humbled by her attitude ‘ this lady deserves to do everything that we take for granted, even if it is a little bit difficult, it’s worth it to see her smile’….

When Amanda received her award and certificate in recognition of her volunteer work she remarked ‘you don’t know what this means to me…’. We think we know what your volunteering means to Catherine…. THE WORLD.

Thankyou Amanda, we remain forever grateful.

Clients are waiting for wonderful volunteers please help us make a difference to lives now, call Sarah Mc Bride on 0113 2625614 – Thankyou