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TimeSlips and our memories fade but then..

From time to time we may have walked into a room and forgotten why or what we were looking for or perhaps we have had times we can’t remember an event as clearly as we like and we know how frustrating that can be.  Imagine then people who are diagnosed with memory loss and dementia and the frustrations they must feel doing the simplest of tasks or recalling their lives in any detail. 

This is why Cara Community Connector Sara wanted to be involved in the Time to Shine project TimeSlips which opens storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine.  Sara ran a Timeslips session and opened up storytelling to invite people with memory loss to be the author of their own imagination.

As part of the session Sara showed a photo of a baby in a bag to residents of Berkeley Court Care Home and gave a copy to each of the residents and asked them a series of questions such as “what do you think the baby is doing in the bag?”.  She then wrote down what they said in order to create a story.  She then read the story back to the residents once it had been created.  A wonderful story ensued and in Sara’s words “the story was in full flow, asking beautiful questions and getting beautiful answers, no pressure, just fun and a creative environment for everyone to enjoy”.

Sara will be running another Timeslips session at Beech Hall Care Home in Armley on Wednesday 22 August and we are already looking forward to the stories that will unfold.

If you a relative or friend suffers with memory loss please contact us to find out the many different support options available including Aran Home Support Services , a unique home support service for people with memory loss living at home, find out more here:

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