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There are few words to describe the absolute joy, laughter and magic that Bill Lambert aka Elvis created yesterday at our little Tea Dance.

As a small charity we are always looking for ways that we can engage our clients, entice our elderly community to get out up out of their chair, out of the house and to have fun and meet new people.

A few months ago I decided to send out an SOS email to a large number of Elvis tribute acts in our region to ask them to perform at our next tea dance.  I received a few replies but nothing materialised until Bill….

Bill said he would be delighted to come along and that it would be his pleasure as he thought we provide great support and do wonderful work and he would be happy to come along and help us out.

Little did I know that Bill was so utterly brilliant!  Oh my goodness what a fantastic Elvis he is a true gentleman and an absolute professional and as the Irish would say ‘he’s the real McCoy!’.

Bill delighted our audience with hit after fantastic hit sounding, looking and moving just like Elvis (much to the delight of our ladies!),  even managing to get into the audience to serenade, pose for photos and provide some very cheeky kisses to some of our lucky ladies!

Yesterday Bill Lambert you did something very special, you created a magical day for a lot of people which they will remember for a very, very long time and so for that you will be forever in our hearts and always welcome here at Leeds Irish Health & Homes.

Slán libh

Tá Elvis tar éis an foirgneamh a fhágáil ! – Elvis has left the building !