Irish Community Support Service

Irish Community Support Service

“The Irish Community Support Team helps people live a happier, healthier life. We care for the people we support , we make them feel part of our community and offer lots of opportunities to enjoy Irish culture.”  Deirdre Quill . Team Leader. Irish Community Support Service.

The Irish Community Support Service provides a friendly support service for Irish people , people of Irish heritage , or indeed others who can benefit from our service. We work with people individually to help them through times of uncertainty, trouble, hardship or isolation. We make sure they get the services and benefits to which they are entitled . We help with providing social activities, form filling, medical appointments, housing applications and accessing other services. All this with a friendly listening ear and opportunities to enjoy good company.

What services does the Irish Community Support Service?

  • Home based support and visits.
  • Lunch clubs on Mondays and Fridays with a good Irish Dinner , fun and craic
  • A Women’s Group
  • Men’s Group
  • Allotment Group
  • Coffee morning in South Leeds
  • Regular  afternoon Tea Dances
  • Arts and crafts group
  • Regular outings to places of interest
  • Opportunities to get involved with St Patrick’s day parade
  • Bereavement Group
  • Annual Ceili
  • Irish Passport applications
  • Volunteer befriending The support we offer can be short or long term.  This depends on the individual’s needs and the availability of more appropriate services elsewhere.Anyone who wants advice or support can refer themselves to us. A relative or a professional such as a GP or Social Worker can also  refer people to us.   You can make the referral by calling us on 0113 262 5614 or click here to download our referral form.