Dementia Services

We have recognised a demand for support for people who may be experiencing memory problems.  We provide ongoing support and help for people and their families who may be facing the difficult challenges involved with dementia.  We can help you access local services that can be of assistance in providing the correct care for a loved one.

We aim to recognise that each and every family and individual going through the effects of dementia will have varying support needs. We aim to create the most effective support for the person with dementia and their carer.

We have a weekly social group for people who have Dementia.  This group is by referral only and it is primarily for individuals who have been diagnosed with Dementia or have memory problems.   Click on our Events Calendar to check the time/date of this group.

If you have any questions about the dementia support service we offer, please contact the outreach team  on 0113 262 5614 or email

Our referral process is very simple.  You can refer yourself or be referred by a friend, family member or health care professional.  You can download the referral form on this website or call us on 0113 262 5614 and we’ll do the paperwork for you.