Cara Befriending Service

We are so happy to see you here. Welcome to Cara.


Cara is a new project at Leeds Irish Health and Homes, funded by the Big Lottery Fund as part of Leeds Time To Shine.

Aimed at Older (50 years plus) Irish People living in Leeds, Cara seeks to locate and engage people who may have lost touch with their community and may lack the means and the confidence to get back into the swing of things.  By becoming part of the Cara friendship network participants can get the support they need to get to social and cultural events, to reconnect with old friends from the Irish Community and re-engage with what is offered within their own locality

Cara, which is the Irish Gaelic for friend, will recruit and train befrienders to work with friendship network members to ease the way back into social and cultural activities, to extend the hand of friendship, overcome mobility issues, counteract social isolation and put older Irish People back where they belong, at the heart of the Leeds Irish Community, making the most of Later Life.

Here are some quotes of what people are saying about Cara and the impact it’s already made in their lives;

“ We show people that they have found a friend, that they are a person, not a name on a piece of paper:”  Mary Otley Cara Committee Member 20.10.15

 “ Because my Dad is Irish, I am completely biased where the Irish are concerned , I feel a real connection with and a fondness for Irish people.”  Cara Volunteer

 “ We went to a ceili, I saw a live band for the first time in 20 years”  Cara Network Member  

 “ The great thing about Irish Health and homes is they save lives” Chris O’Malley Irish Arts Foundation

Be part of Cara:

As a Network Member:  If you feel you’d benefit from being part of a network of people who will understand your point of view, share some of your life experiences and be able to help get you back to feeling part of things again, more like yourself, contact Sara 07739212735, 0113 2625614, and start the conversation.

As a network volunteer: If you have an hour or so a week to give towards reconnecting an older Irish person with their local community, with the life they would wish to be living; contact Sara 07739212735, 0113 2625614, and receive details of how to begin.

Cara run many different fun events including; Irish movie & fish and chip supper nights, session music and céili’s and outings, for an upto date calendar of events click here