Our very own CEO Ant Hanlon at the Global Irish Civic Forum, Dublin Castle.

“The mark of a great society is the way it treats it’s most vulnerable, we do this well but we could do better”. Listen to Ant discuss the changing needs of the Irish community here in Britain and the responsibility of everyone in the Irish community to look after our elderly, isolated and most vulnerable.

The theme of the Civic Forum was ‘Communities, Connections, Conversations’ and it provided an opportunity for those supporting the Irish diaspora abroad to come to Dublin to discuss their work with these communities and engage with Government. The Forum was a mixture of plenary discussions and workshops, with speakers primarily from Irish diaspora organisations and also from Government, technology companies and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Click the link below, playlist of all plenary sessions at 2017 Civic Forum choose 3rd session and at 14:21 Ant is introduced.

View the personal thankyou letter from Minister to the Diaspora Joe McHugh here : Ant Hanlon