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As promised please enjoy these fantastic photos of the Northern College trip for our clients, made possible by a kind Irish anonymous contractor from Leeds – THANKYOU!

A big thankyou also to Northern College for making this learning so engaging and special for our clients. And finally for Care Support Worker Emma for coordinating the event and making it such a memorable trip and for taking these fantastic photos – enjoy! http://bit.ly/2tbZdPX

And a very inspired Barbara created this wonderful poem!

School Holiday by Barbara

Remember when you went to school

And you tried to remember every rule,

Well some of us found another way to gain some knowledge

When we went on a course to Northern College.

We might have been folk of a higher tone,

Cos our school was held in a stately home

In huge class grounds all trees and shrubs and a flowery essence

What an ideal way to learn your lessons

In doors the rooms held a wealth of family history,

Another ‘way of life’ which to us was a mystery

The library which was formally used for dancing,

Now holds books you couldn’t help glancing

Another room from times gone by,

Has a picture painted ceiling to catch your eye.

Once inside with ceiling painted,

We found our class room and sat down and waited

But this is two thousand and seventeen

And this was school like you’ve never seen

No blackboard- no rows – you sat at our tables,

The teacher worked among us to enable.

Tablets and iPads strange things to many, soon

Became familiar as things two-a- penny.

The best time came on photograph day

When we were ‘let loose’ with our iPads to play,

We were to take ‘pics’ to put in our books,

But with ‘no holds barred’ guess how many we took.


After lessons and our evening meal,

A gathering at the bar was the deal.

We laughed and we chatted and played Charades,

Back to our childhood and being extremely silly was on the cards


Homeward bound with our books it had to be,

Cos they have to be transferred onto a C.D.

And so we work with trepidation

For the day when our books reach their destination

Will we publish it abroad or put it in the skip,

It really doesn’t matter, for the enjoyment and benefit was all in the trip.



Leeds Irish Health and Homes

Northern College Wentworth Castle Trip 5th-7th July 2017