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Inspired by poetry anthology – The Trojan Donkey

Posted on March 28, 2019

Volunteer and friend of Leeds Irish Health & Homes Tom Brannigan wrote this touching poem depicting the story of immigration from Ireland to Leeds. Heartfelt, inspiring and accurate for many who took the journey across the water and found themselves in Leeds, it will resonate with many.

Irelands Flame

The distant surf of Dublin bay
The internal pain I feel today
To Leeds I go the land of gold
Carrick release your happy hold
To the mills of wool silk and cotton
The land of green ne’er forgotten
I sit alone at the end of day
The lodgings cold, so little pay
My only friend the local pub
Hoping for friends to share a sub
The memory of home and golden hay
To return in glory some brighter day
But years go by and alone I remain
Sharing distant memories to hide current pain
The pubs shut down and friends long gone
I listen to a lonely song
The lingering hope to see the surf
Cut the hay and turn the turf
I close my eye a tear runs down
Hoping to leave this lost ne’er found
I love you Leeds I lay no blame
But you never held Irelands flame
That lit my heart in those distant years
Quenched my thirst and calmed my fears
I thank you all for what you tried
To heal the pain in my lonely eyes
I fear my time has finally come
To reach the sky, a brighter sun
I love you all so pray for me
Feel my pain but let me be
So share for me a parting glass
And say for me a goodnight mass.

TJB … 27 Mar 2019