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wp_20161219_11_54_03_proWhen Emma decided to organise a talent show for the Monday group Christmas lunch she had no idea just how much talent our clients have been hiding!

We had hilarious jokes from John pictured here at the bottom left.   Singing her own song was Maria, the beautiful words of which we have published here on the right. Maria is in the photo on the next page in the lovely snowman Christmas jumper!

Then Luke (white t-shirt also on the next page) rocked away the afternoon with singing and guitar playing.

Not to be outdone then Juilia (lady with black cardigan also on the next page of photos) and Tom read heartfelt and wonderful poems and Joan and Alice had wonderful voices as they sang for us.

Thankyou to all participants it takes great courage to stand up in front of everyone and sing, recite or play—so for that we are truly grateful and you are amazing!

This will be the first of many talent show events in 2017, the next will be around St Patrick’s week so please get involved as we all say … 

move over Britain’s Got Talent—Ireland’s Got Talent!