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Expansion of Online Passport Renewal Service

You might wish to know that an expansion of the Online Passport Renewal Service has been launched. In addition to the current adult renewal service, the expanded service will now permit: the online renewal of a child’s passport; passport cards for children (can only be purchased in a bundle together with a passport book); change […]

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aran team

Small & Mighty!

That’s Aran Home Support for you – a small team who pack a mighty punch! Launched in 2017, with 450 hours of top quality home support delivered successfully since then, we are growing rapidly. Our service means a lot to the people and families we support, but don’t take our word for it. Read some […]

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Did you hear the one about the Irishman? by Dr Mary Tilki

Did you hear the one about the Irishman? You probably heard the tasteless joke and you may have laughed or you may have cringed. But did you know that the older Irish community in Britain face all the challenges older people face as well as the discrimination their peers face from Black and Minority (BME) […]

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sara timeslipped 4

TimeSlips and our memories fade but then..

From time to time we may have walked into a room and forgotten why or what we were looking for or perhaps we have had times we can’t remember an event as clearly as we like and we know how frustrating that can be. Imagine then people who are diagnosed with memory loss and dementia […]

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Painting along with Nancy-O

Our painting group enjoyed an al-fresco feel moment today as they took to the garden to sharpen up the lead and sketch some of the foilage and wildlife. Barbara said ‘it is like being on retreat; you just lose yourself in the moment’. Most of the group have never picked up a pencil or brush […]

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Saying Goodbye to Sara our CARA Network Coordinator

Sadly today we are saying farewell to Sara our friendly CARA Network Co-ordinator. Sara has been a part of LIHH for three years, making friendships and connecting people back into the wider community. She has built up the CARA friendship network, linking people into social and cultural events. Inspiring and uniquely funny there has never been […]

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