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Another successful and fun afternoon was had recently at the Seacroft Library for our Cara Friends.


Competative stuff it was too with Maggie winning and John getting extremely excited even with no money changing hands!

Cara Friends has been running for over a year now and many of their events are gaining momentum as more people realise that they’ve been missing out on all the fun!  Pictured here John said that he hasn’t played cards in years and when he was asked if he’d like to come along, he thought first that he didn’t want to.  He said he used to play year’s ago as a younger man, but he decided to come along anyway and boy did it all soon came back to him as each game was played with John becoming very excited at the prospect of winning!

So come on play your cards differently and come along to our next event.

To enjoy the cráic and meet new people call Sara for the next event on 0113 2625614 or email info@lihh.org