0113 262 5614 info@lihh.org

We provide a friendly support service for Irish people, people of Irish heritage, or indeed others who can benefit from our service. We work with people individually to help them through times of uncertainty, trouble, hardship or isolation. We make sure they get the services and benefits to which they are entitled. We help with providing social activities, form filling, medical appointments, housing applications and accessing other services. All this with a friendly listening ear and opportunities to enjoy good company.

If you need advice about

  • Accessing Social Activities
  • Benefits
  • Form filling
  • Housing applications
  • Medical Appointments
  • Support with Dementia

Call us on 0113 2625614 or email info@lihh.org

Free Legal Advice
We are very proud to have forged a great relationship with Ross and the team of lawyers Irwin Mitchell LLP in Leeds.  Ross provides a free 30 minute consultation to those wishing to discuss any legal matter including; making a Will, industrial disease, divorce, medical negligence or personal injury.  Meetings take place confidentially at our offices and you are guaranteed a caring and responsive approach. To book an appointment call us on 0113 2625614 or email info@lihh.org

Irish Passport Applications
We act as agents for the Embassy of Ireland and can either send you a paper application or if you are renewing your passport you can complete a renewal application online. The new online system for passport renewals is available here. Call us on 0113 2625614 or email info@lihh.org