Our Vision and Mission Statement


Health and well-being services that change people’s lives through care, culture and community.


Every day we will work towards improving quality of life and making a positive difference through the delivery of our Care, Culture and Community focussed services

Through working collaboratively with partners we will ensure:

  • Care: by showing warmth, kindness and treating everyone as important in their own right
  • Culture: by valuing and celebrating identity and evolving and adapting to changing environments
  • Community: by believing that everyone should have a sense of belonging and connection within a community

We believe in:

  • Achieving high quality and standards
  • Delivering services with integrity, respect and compassion
  • Showing pride in what we do, how we do it and what we achieve


  • By working with individuals and organisations across a range of issues to achieve goals and improve quality of life
  • By providing culturally sensitive services to Irish people
  • By supporting people to access suitable housing
  • By supporting older people to live fulfilling lives
  • By supporting people on their journey to recovery in mental health
  • By supporting people experiencing dementia to live fulfilling lives
  • By helping to reduce social isolation and improve well-being for members of our community
  • By enabling people to access the range of support needed to help them live independently

Everyone who walks through our door will get:

  • a warm welcome
  • a smile
  • the offer of a hot drink and
  • someone who will listen to what you have to say

We are proud that this is our vision and mission, it guides us through our working day and will keep us on track to ensuring that we continue to provide the best possible care to our community.