Do you only help Irish people?   

LIHH was first set up primarily to meet the needs of the Irish community inLeeds.  But since then we have expanded to serve the wider community.  We work to provide services to those people who would benefit from or wish to receive support from an Irish organisation.   We have many Irish clients and celebrate the big Irish festivals like St. Patrick’s Day.  Everyone is welcome to attend these events.

How does the referral process work?    

You can fill in a form and email it to us or contact us directly by phone.  It can be self referral, family or friend or professional.  Within 2 weeks of us receiving the referral you’ll be contacted to arrange an assessment. We call you to arrange a time, day and place that suits you for an assessment. We can come to your home if it’s not convenient for you to come to our offices.   The assessment is a meeting to discuss your needs so we can find out how to help you and tailor our support to suit you.  Click here to go to Referrals page.

Do you provide emergency accommodation?

We do not provide emergency accommodation.  If you are in need of emergency accommodation we would advise you to contact Housing Options in Leeds.  Housing Options provide advice and help if you are homeless or likely to become homeless.  They may also be able to help you with temporary accommodation if you have no where to live.   

What happens to donations that are made to the organisation? 

All of your donations go towards funding front line services that directly benefit the community in Leeds.   Funds raised go towards our services such as the luncheon groups, days out, our minibus and our support groups. You can contact us directly and instruct us where you would like your donation to be spent.  You can rest assured that your money is being put to excellent use.