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Latest News

Irish TV coverage of Minister Ciaran Cannon’s visit 28th September 2017

Irish TV coverage of Minister Ciaran Cannon’s visit 28th September 2017

Irish Post & Irish TV coverage and 18,000 hits for Cliffs of Cara song!

There were many reasons to feel proud and celebrate when we welcomed Ireland’s Minister for the Diaspora – Ciaran Cannon on his first visit to Leeds, but we didn’t expect what followed!  When we invited Minister Cannon to see first hand how the communi …

CHIME Art Group contribute to important art display for great cause…

To mark the International Day of Older People, Leeds City Museum have covered the map of Leeds in their hall with forget-me-nots made be the people of Leeds, from September 26th until October 1st in the hope to raise awareness of dementia, as Leeds becomes a Dementia Friendly Community. The forget-me-not flower symbolises faithful love and memories

Dementia Home Workers – Closed no further vacancies at this time

Our ideal candidate will be warm, caring and committed to helping those with memory loss and dementia to maintain their independence and enjoy life to the full.


I’m very genuinely sincerely humbled and honoured to be part of the Leeds Irish Health & Homes in any way possible. Having no family of my own now in Leeds (originally from) Leeds. On my return back l felt l was adopted and as a family member. Its very special feeling to me!

Under two year’s l had never sung in my life period. Joined the local church choir for their Carol’s service. Then was asked to join the church choir – me?…. During this l was asked to try for the “Leeds Philharmonic Chorus” – Woooow still can’t believe it!… l then was asked to join the “West Riding Opera Company” too. I love all types of music – “eclectic tastes!”

*Best of all is feeling a family member with everyone at Irish Health &, Home’s!..

Wishing everyone many thanks and God bless to you all…..
John x

John Kavanagh – Volunteer

Thanks to all who work there my aunt Ethna love going there I was so proud of her pome thanks for putting it up on your page Maggie in lreland

Margaret Parkhill from Ireland